Robot's will be change the future

Believe or not. 

The robots are coming, and they are taking over the world. Well, that is the popular misconception about our robotic counterparts. In reality, robots have been around for a long time in one form or another, and the purpose has always been to assist the human world.


We increase our national power with very small DC-DC converters at military level.


40Watt in 1cm2 area...

Smart sockets in Energy Saving...

Energy saving is on us with WIFI and Wired Internet connection sockets that destroy stand-by energy and non-use energy consumption.
More than 10 years of experience. Active in the global market..



FPGA and RISC V-based design Hardware-level Artificial Intelligence support..


multiple CUDA cores, TensorFlow, pytorch..

Advanced technology in electronics in the construction of the future

Hand in hand for a stronger Turkey...

Supporting our country to strengthen its position in global competition by utilizing the opportunities in the new period

Automotive electronic standards solutions

AEC-Q100, MISRA, OPEN ARCHITECTURE-CANBUSISO 26262 functional safety researchISO 11898-2 CANbus common ECU sensor researchValidation and test automationEMC/LVD testing and reporting AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) specialist ABS,EBS Architecture embedded softwareCANBUS, RS485 ,LINBUS,FLEXCAN

ADMA Agricultural Data and Monitoring System..


We patented our country's Agriculture 2023 Policy in 2011. Agricultural Doctor working with Artificial Intelligence, the coordination between the producer and the seller...

Wireless sensors scattered across the field...

patent number:TR2011/10332

Multi-layer, automotive and military-grade high-speed circuit designs


We offer multi-layer circuit designs and simulations in AEQ100 standards, and MIL-STD standards...


Kul Elektronik was included in the 2022 Turkish Patent Report with its innovative products.

Difference in Patent Ranking from ULUTEK Technopark

a year ago

Havelsan in BTSO

Sharing knowledge and experience about havelsan Cyber security within Btso

a year ago

Full throttle with RISC V

With the Next Generation RISC V processor, business can take a new approach.

a year ago

BEEKEEPING stronger bee

Climatic hives to prevent hive losses and to provide stronger bees for spring

a year ago

Meeting with the business world in brotherly country Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan and Ulutek Companies met at BAKU.

a year ago

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