Production Capacity

Production Capacity

Production Capacity

Our company has a wide range of activities and has production capacity in the fields of engineering, agriculture and livestock, IoT, defense industry, automotive, artificial intelligence and technological services. We use skilled engineers, modern facilities and advanced technology to provide customized solutions to our customers. Our production capacity is constantly being developed to meet customer demands and be competitive in the industry.

We have an annual electronic card production capacity of 40-60 thousand.

It offers electronic product design, hardware development and various software services in the field of engineering. In this context, we can design on different platforms such as analog, digital, mixed signal, DSP, microcontroller and microprocessor. In the software field, we work on MS Windows, Linux, Android and embedded software. In addition, we can develop related software by working with frameworks such as TensorFlow and PyTorch for artificial intelligence.

In the field of technological services, it meets the needs of its customers by providing services such as circuit design, schematic drawing, bill of materials, PCB files and software development. In addition, we provide a complete solution to our customers by providing card production and supply during the localization process.

As a company operating in the agriculture and livestock sector, we offer smart agriculture technologies and farm management solutions. These solutions include sensors, data analytics and automation systems to optimize plant growing processes, monitor the health of animals and increase productivity. Our production capacity enables the rapid production of various products in the agricultural sector.

It manufactures products integrated with WiFi or Wired TCP/IP network and low-level stack software in the field of IOT. These products can communicate with Ethernet input and IP sensor networks, log transactions with SD/SDHC slot, and offer solutions suitable for customer needs with various sensor types and alarm options.

It offers AC/DC and DC/DC power supplies and Military Grade AC/AC, AC/DC and DC/DC UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) solutions in the defense industry. These solutions are designed to meet the power needs of electronic systems used in the defense industry and to protect against power outages. We offer reliable and durable solutions to our customers by offering power supplies that comply with high quality standards.

It works in the automotive industry in accordance with AEC-Q100, ISO 26262 and other automotive standards. We provide reliable and safety-oriented automotive solutions with our capabilities such as multi-layer PCB design, EMC/LVD testing and embedded software development.


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